Ham Lake | Spring Family Portraits

Large family spring portrait in Ham Lake Minnesota surrounded by flower bloomed trees

Spring this year really lived up to its promise with those stunning white-flowered trees and absolutely flawless weather. One of my all-time favorite families (okay, I might be a little biased because they’re my sister’s husband’s family) recently reached out to schedule a portrait session as a special treat for themselves.

The morning of the shoot at Ham Lake for their spring family portraits was just perfect, bathed in vibrant sunshine and surrounded by trees bursting with spring blooms. And get this—can you believe we did it all at a local golf course, right near the driving range?

Their family looked amazing in their vibrant blues and soft greens, with touches of orange that matched the sunny spring day perfectly. My two nieces and their cousin were a riot, full of energy and laughter as we captured those special moments together—including a few goofy faces just for fun.

It truly was such a wonderful experience for all of us, especially since I know this family so well. That familiarity really helped everyone relax and enjoy themselves fully. I’m really looking forward to seeing their portraits proudly displayed in their homes. It’s moments like these that make being a photographer so rewarding—you know, capturing those genuine smiles and memories that they’ll treasure forever.

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