Smothers Field | January 2022

Jennifer and Ryan met a little over four years ago and knew they hit a home run the moment they kissed. Their engagement story is just like a 90's rom com, almost like the ending of Never Been Kissed. While Ryan and his baseball team were posing for a group photo at their home field the sound of David Gray started playing in the background while Ryan, his daughter, and his team held up signs reading "Will You Marry Me?" Ryan jumped out of the group in his uniform, walked to Jennifer and got down on one knee while everyone was cheering. Jennifer told me she was laughing and crying so much she had to have Ryan repeat what he said. This is how you know he pulled off an amazing surprise engagement! 

It was only fitting they chose the same place, Smothers Field, for their engagement session. I love that they also included Ryan's daughter to be a part of this experience. It's always so touching to watch parents so excited to have their kids involved in every part of their life. During their shoot, we had plenty of moments where we were freezing our butts off but it was worth trekking in the snow to get to the baseball field. I am so proud of these wintery images and I cannot wait to photograph these two on their wedding day in June! They are an AMAZING couple with so much love in their hearts. 

Jennifer and Ryan, thank you for showing me your love for each other, family, and baseball. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be your photographer and friend! Kaylee, your smile and energy brightens my day! You did an amazing job braving the cold, it was so great spending this time with you! 



At home in nature. Ever-focused on beauty and the thrilling art of creation; found in the moments that leave me breathless and in awe. 

If there is one thing you can learning about me is how much I enjoy serving others. My heart is the happiest when I can put a smile on someone's face or help them feel comfortable during their session. After losing my grandfather this past year, I realized he was the person who showed me how to love others. He always shared the biggest smile and had the most welcoming heart towards everyone he met. I got to experience the joy he brought to this world with his love, and that is what I strive to be like as a wife, mother, and business owner.