July 2022


This Minnesota Olympic Hills Golf Club wedding was one for the books! It was the first time I booked and photographed a wedding within two months. It was also the first time I met Lori and Promeet in person! This special day was a continuation of celebration of their new marriage together with the love and support of all their close family members and friends. I don't know what shines brighter, the sun that day or the smiles shared as they said "I do."

When I first arrived at the venue I walked into the ceremony and reception space my eyes instantly were drawn to the captivating floral arrangements on each table filled with soft pink roses, white disbud pom poms, and hints of eucalyptus. Then I noticed a beautiful large wedding cake, made by the bride herself, complimenting the florals and decor. Lori truly outdid herself and her hard work planning, decorating, and baking for their wedding in a short period of time paid off! It was STUNNING!

What I loved about this day wasn't just the florals and wedding cake, it was getting to know more about Lori and Promeet. Even though I just met them for the first time on their special day I felt the deepest connection with them as they celebrated their marriage with a Christian ceremony filled with prayers including a special prayer from Promeet's brother in their native language. I also had a blast capturing their families during family formals, they all did an amazing job coordinating the largest family portraits I have ever captured and even the sweetest individual family portraits. I know a lot of photographers who dread this part of the day, but I truly enjoy connecting with everyone, getting them to laugh, and having fun doing it!

What an honor to be the one to capture Lori and Promeet’s special day!!! I loved getting to meet their families, celebrate alongside them, and document their love! Please enjoy my favorites!

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Venue + Catering | Olympic Hills Golf Club

Coffee Cart | SheBrews

Cake | Sweet LuLu's By Lori



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