Breezy Point Resort | Summer Wedding

Monica and I know each other as she was close to my grandfather growing up. When I found out Monica was getting married at Breezy Point Resort in Minnesota, I felt a pull on my heart to reach out to her to ask if I could be her wedding photographer. My grandparents have always told me beautiful things about Monica, so even though we had never met before, I felt like I knew her and connected deeply through our faith and relationship with my grandparents.

I was ecstatic when she reached out to hire me for her special day at Breezy Point Resort. Hearing about my grandfather giving them his blessing before passing was incredibly touching. I am someone who will tear up during a beautiful wedding. Their wedding held a special place in my heart that brought tears of joy and happiness to me throughout the entire day.

Their beautiful wedding ceremony took place outside off of Pelican Lake. Although the forecast was cloudy, the Lord was shining down on Monica and Derek the entire day. Their faith-filled ceremony made me feel like my grandpa was next to me as I captured everyone surrounding them at the altar in a group prayer. Their entire wedding party and family were a joy to spend the day with! They were kind, helpful, and encouraging…. just like Monica and Derek. It was so amazing to experience such love! 

It wasn’t hard to notice how obsessed Monica and Derek were with each other. You could see it in how they looked at one another or made silly expressions throughout the day. It was just like they were two teenage kids head over heads in love. Their marriage at Breezy Point Resort is a true testament to God’s love for us all. Derek came from an addictive past, and Monica had experienced hard times herself. Still, God brought them together to be each other’s rock, love, and support. They are a great example for their children, who had a front-row view of the entire day as their bridal party.

Monica and Derek, it has been a blessing to get to know you two and experience the love you share for God and each other. I am forever grateful for the day you reached out asking me to be your wedding photographer! I love you both dearly! 

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