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Elm Creek Park Reserve Fall Engagement Session in October

These two are getting married in a year! If their wedding day is anything like their fall engagement session at Elm Creek Park Reserve, it will be amazing and beautiful! Caitlin and Hunter were complete naturals in front of the lens! Could you believe this is the first time we met and their first time having professional portraits taken of them? They did a fantastic job with every pose, tip, and trick! I can always tell when a couple is in love when they have chemistry, as they did! 

I absolutely loved my time with these two as we explored Elm Creek Park Reserve, getting to know them better and capturing their stunning portraits. Caitlin works in childcare, and Hunter is in manufacturing. They’re opposites in some ways, but let me tell you, they are both incredibly kind and easy to love!

What really stood out to me during their session was how much fun they had together. They were all smiles, snuggling up, and sharing sweet kisses. Even Hunter, who’s not usually into photos, got right into the groove of the shoot. He was helping find the perfect leaf for this adorable kissing-behind-the-leaf picture, and he even had some cute posing ideas! I joked with him that I might just have to steal him for inspiration on future shoots — but honestly, I meant it! He was totally in his element, showering his beautiful fiancée with love and affection.

But what really got me excited was hearing about their plans for the wedding. To match the fall vibes from their Elm Creek Park Reserve engagement session they plan to have their wedding at Caitlin’s family’s private residence in Andover, and let me tell you, it’s going to be something special. Caitlin’s dad is going all out, transforming the backyard into a relaxing environment for all the guests to enjoy. I can already imagine the enchanting atmosphere, with elegant touches like lights streaming among the autumn foliage, and rustic-chic details adding warmth and charm to every corner.

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