Elm Creek Park Reserve | Milestone Portraits

Absolutely thrilled to dive back into Hudson’s world for his third birthday milestone portraits at Elm Creek Park Reserve! It’s mind-blowing to witness his growth since we last hung out during his second birthday portraits. July is now my favorite month, knowing it’s time to reconnect with Hudson, his awesome mom and his incredible grandmother.

This year, my son hopped on the adventure train, adding a whole new dynamic to the session. Watching them bring the energy and playfulness between shots was a total highlight – talk about a photo session turned playdate!

Being a photographer, especially with parents as clients, is a dream come true. It’s all about capturing those authentic moments, particularly with our little ones who morph into entirely new beings in the blink of an eye. Here’s to freezing those heartfelt memories and celebrating the art of capturing family magic through the lens!

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I'm a Minnesota raised redhead who is married to her best friend, purchased our first home and had our son all in one year, and is passionate about creating stunning portraits for my clients to cherish forever.

Between keeping up with my toddlers, the whirlwind of puppy antics, and sharing life with my awesome husband, I always find time to soak in nature's beauty and enjoy a good business podcast (Amy Porterfield, Jasmine Star, Jenna Kutcher to name a few). My vision for my business is serving my clients with 10 years of photography experience, a welcoming hug, and captivating portraits you will fall in love with as soon as you open your final gallery.