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Bumble Fleur Floral Class | Branding Event

Welcome to the enchanting world of Bumble Fleur, where bold and creative floral arrangements come to life. As a photographer and friend, I recently had the privilege of capturing the behind-the-scenes magic of Brooke’s private floral classes at her studio. Brooke, a talented force in the wedding industry, has turned Bumble Fleur into a haven where petals take center stage.

Brooke’s private floral classes offer more than just a lesson in arranging flowers. Attendees immerse themselves in a blooming experience, learning techniques guided by Brooke’s expertise. Laughter fills the vibrant studio as clients create their own floral masterpieces. The classes, accompanied by luxury snacks and local coffee, blend education with indulgence, creating a unique and memorable atmosphere.

Recently featured on Fox 9’s Good Day and Minnesota Live, Bumble Fleur is gaining well-deserved recognition. Brooke’s dominance in the wedding industry is evident, and as a photographer, I am honored to capture the essence of her artistry and the joy that unfolds in her classes. Each snapshot tells a story of creativity, community, and the shared love for all things blooming, cementing Bumble Fleur as a floral destination where magic happens.

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