Elm Creek Park Reserve Chalet | Wedding

Vibrant Floral and terracotta fall wedding at Elm Creek Park Reserve Chalet in Maple Grove Minnesota

I’m excited to share a truly heartwarming wedding that holds a special place in my heart. It’s not every day that a wedding photographer has the unique opportunity to document their own mother’s wedding day. Yes, you read that correctly! I had the joy of witnessing and photographing their beautiful wedding at Elm Creek Park Reserve.

Elm Creek Park Reserve, with its natural allure, served as the perfect canvas for Michelle and Dan’s special day. Their choice of colors was nothing short of a masterpiece, warm terracotta accents gave the venue a sense of warmth. The soft glow of candlelit centerpieces created an ambiance of romance and intimacy. What truly stole the show were the breathtaking floral arrangements masterfully crafted by Bumble Fluer. From the birch ceremony arch adorned with vibrant blooms to the brick fireplace, every arrangement was perfectly designed. Michelle’s bouquet, a burst of vibrant colors, harmonized flawlessly with her radiant beauty.

From the very moment Michelle and Dan first crossed paths, their connection was undeniable. And to this day I still remember the day I first met Dan when my mom invited us all out for lunch. He couldn’t keep her eyes off of her and was giddy like a schoolboy, they both couldn’t stop laughing and smiling.

As the daughter of the bride, I am grateful that my mom found an exceptional man in Dan. His love for her runs deep, and he has seamlessly welcomed our family as his own. Dan is a blessing, and I find myself thanking God daily for uniting them.

Michelle and Dan’s wedding at Elm Creek Park Reserve showcased love, laughter, and unforgettable moments, including a traditional chicken dance with NTE DJ Group. It’s a powerful reminder that genuine, unconditional love is breathtaking. I hope you found this journey through their special day as enchanting as I did capturing it through my lens.

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