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Urban Daisy | Valentines Day Party

Urban Daisy Valentine's Day Party

I LOVE working with Elysian Events, especially at our favorite Minneapolis venue, Urban Daisy! It always amazes me how she puts together stunning setups with her luxury balloons and backdrops. She brought along vibrant tones of pink including a stylish shimmer backdrop that add glam to the entire party.

Along with the party decor was Piccadilly Pours, adding an extra touch of sweetness with her adorable mocktails. Additionally, each one expertly crafted and accented with heart-shaped toppers designed by Olive and Twig Design Co The delicate flavors danced on the palate, perfectly complementing the atmosphere of love and celebration.

And let’s not forget the delicious addition of cotton candy by Cane & Cotton, adding a playful twist to the festivities. The pastel hues and sugary clouds evoked a sense of nostalgia, reminding everyone of carefree days and sweet indulgences.

The entire setup at Urban Daisy brought so many ideas on how it could be used on Valentine’s Day… I can see a couple of friends hanging out for Galentine’s Day. Cheering their friendship as they reminisce through funny memories. Or couples sharing a double date or a surprise proposal. The party ideas are endless and fun!

But as a wedding photographer, my heart always gravitates towards love in all its forms. Every click captures not just moments, but emotions – the laughter, the tears, the stolen glances, and the promises exchanged. Each image tells a story of two souls intertwining, embarking on a journey together.

As you scroll through the gallery from the Valentine’s Day party at Urban Daisy, I want you to feel the warmth of love emanating from each photograph. Let it remind you of the love you feel from your own loved ones, whether it’s a partner, a friend, or a family member. Love knows no bounds, and it’s the most beautiful thing to celebrate and cherish.

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